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Over the last few years there has been huge concern throughout South Africa regarding the amount of new clubs being started. This raised concerns with older clubs especially since the new clubs started and patch up immediately. This was seen as a total disrespect and was not acceptable amongst clubs that have been practicing the code. As most of the Old School Bikers felt that respect was earned and patching up immediately was being disrespectful to the patch. There was an overlap on names and patches that aggravated and exacerbated the situation even further leading to forceful removal of patches.
As presidents of the Western Cape who believes in a united biking fraternity this soon became a topic of discussion and evolved into protocols being drawn up, documented and agreed upon by all presidents. These protocols have been posted just over two years on Motor Cycle South Africa and Motorcycle Association of Western Cape websites. Despite all of this, clubs was registering on MSA and then patching up immediately.
This led to further frustration and based on investigation found that the lack of understanding the protocols was the biggest reason for immediate patch ups.
To prevent the situation from deteriorating any further the Western Cape took a pro-active stance and via MAWC and the PM mandated a task team to deal with all clubs new and old. Hence the Western Cape Bikers Task Team was started and to date has had a very positive spin off in monitoring, educating and guiding new clubs on protocols.
The main aim and objective of the WCBTT is bring about awareness of protocols amongst all the clubs. With the support and backing of the presidents and MAWC it helped to stream line the process at a very rapid pace in a very short time frame.
All new clubs in the province now have to meet with the WCBTT once they reach the end of the first three months used for registering the name and patch on MSA. This period is also used as an objection period from any existing clubs guarding against duplicating names or copying of patches. Prospect clubs being approved after the first three months are introduced by the WCBTT at the MAWC meeting as a prospecting Front Patch club and after a further nine months patched up as a club. All new clubs refusing to follow protocols are brought before the presidents in MAWC for a final decision which could result in being blacklisted and banned from all biking activities and function until such time that they are prepared to follow protocol.
We would like to expand the concept of the Task Team and protocols to the other provinces since we deal with many clubs from other provinces wanting to start up chapters in Western Province. As a Province we are enjoying the true spirit of biking with the respect shown from the brotherhood that understand that as brothers we cannot just turn a blind eye and take the ostridge approach while we witness biking spiraling out of control.
Over the last twelve months the WCBTT have been in consultation with over eighty new clubs and chapters wanting to start up in WC. The outcome has been over whelming with clubs that have patched up without following protocol removing their patches and following protocol. Success rate has been 99% with one chapter being blacklisted in the Western Cape by the Presidents. All new clubs that are compliant are introduced to the presidents at the official monthly meeting as a front patch club on probation or a fully patched club that have followed protocol.
The WC biking fraternity has over the last twelve months bought into the concept of having an independent team dealing with new clubs. They have become part and parcel and act as true ambassadors of the WCBTT. This approach has to a larger extend paved and streamlined the process with all clubs taking ownership of the Protocols and embedding amongst the biking fraternity.
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